Monday, February 1, 2010

Pay it Forward 03

Today is day 3 of pay it forward, I only left the house once so it was a little hard to find something good to do, I did 2 1/2 things and I'm on the fence about them, should they be considered good? Or should I just say those are things people should just do anyways and say I was unable to do good today? Your decision to tell me! I went to a coffee shop, noticed some dirty dishes on a table so I brought them up to the counter, which I thought would make their job a little easier, I then had a debate with my boyfriend on whether or not that justifies as good? Then he and I went to target, the lady in front of us had forgotten a bag (or so I had thought) I didn't want her to forget something she had paid for so I handed her the bag and said nicely "oh ma'am I believe this is yours" which I thought was a nice citizen thing to do but then she said "I know" and took the bag from me in kind of a sour way. After that when the cashier was ringing us up, George noticed something that he forgot to ring up so I told him the thing in the bag wasn't paid for, George noticed it but I informed the cashier so that's why I counted it as a possible half. So as you can see I am a bit on the fence about this, 'followers' what do you think? Thank you!!


  1. i know this sounds weird ..but i just wanted to let you know that i dont stalk you i promis i just wanted to see what your blogg was about so this is the first one i read. I think that the lady in target had a stick up her you know what... haha..i thought that was nice of you...but on the other hand..if i was george i would've said "b**** shut your mouth!" lol no i'm just joking. That was a kind thing to do as well!

  2. I would have to agree with Stacey on this one, you did a nice thing and she just either misinterpreted it or she was just having a really bad day, either way thats her problem not yours. I am sure that sometime after that she realized you were just being nice and then she felt bad for snapping at you.

  3. I don't think you're a stalker at all! Haha I appreciate your responding Stacey!!! And thank you Nate also! :)