Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pay it Forward 02

Today is day 2 of Pay it Forward. My sister, new friends, and myself have been protesting the Ringling Bros. Circus since Wednesday, hopefully making a difference in the world. So today my way of giving back to the world with 'paying if forward' is by protesting the circus and the way they treat their animals. It's a disgrace how they treat their animals, elephants and tigers should not be paraded around, made to do tricks and treated like their are our property. We humans are not better than animals, if anything these animals are better then us. They don't make us do things for them out of fear, they don't make us do tricks for them and they don't make us humiliate ourselves for their enjoyment. They also don't abuse people or any beings for that matter just for their enjoyment. They aren't sick and sadistic like most of man kind. So today my gift to the world (if you can call it that) is fighting for animals, fighting for things that don't have a voice.

Thank you

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