Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I am not doing so well with it right now.. Everyone around me makes it hard to be nice everyone is so filled with hate is there anyone who doesn't dislike the world? :(

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

pay it forward 12

I started a conversation with a lonely target cop, you could tell people just walked past him and ignored him all night, I said hello I hope you have a great day, he looked surprised and then a smile wiped across his face. This world can really hurt your heart, but at the same time it can warm your heart right back up. Its much needed on a cold day like today.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pay it forward 12

I am volunteering for habitat for humanity. I was watching extreme make over tonight and I started crying what they do for these people is amazing giving them a functioning home with less stress just is so amazing. I want to make that kind of difference in the world, in watching this show I starting feeling like I wasn't doing enough. This isn't me bragging but I'm just saying I get a lot in my life, I've never gone starving for days because lack of money or food, I've never lived on the streets, in fact I can honestly say I am pretty spoiled, and for me to not give back more just is ridiculous. Life isn't about all the things and possession you can own, it's not about what nice car you drive, it's not about status, it's about being the best person you can possibly be. Giving back just as much as you receive. Just realize how fortunate you are, the fact that you are able to be online on a computer that is probably yours, makes you about 10 times more rich then half of the world if not 3/4 of the world. Just realize how fortunate you are, and trying and think to yourself that there are people out there who really need you...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

pay it forward 11

I fight meanness with kindness every day. Every time I come into contact with someone sour I try my hardest to try and realize that they may have had a bad day or something bad could have happened, that person is someone's brother, sister, father, mother, daughter or son, would you like it if someone else was mean to a member of your family? I just want people to try and be more open minded, maybe that person with the bad attitude started out with a good one but other people had worn that person down, all they need is reassurance that people aren't always mean and rude! So maybe you could be that one nice person who brightens their day? Love a world that constantly loves you back, in different ways.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

pay it forward 10

I haven't written in days mostly because I've been so entirely busy, I had to take George to the airport on Thursday which I have a funny story about, but anyways; I've been busy ever since! So when I was taking George to the airport, there was a sudden jam I think there was an accident a couple miles ahead but I couldn't see it because of all the traffic, anyways; I had to get over 2 lanes to get off the exit and I was talking about this elderly couple I saw in this semi in the lane next to us, I was talking about how cute they looked and how when I got old I'd want to travel with my partner, and you never expect old people to be mean, at least my assumption was that most old people are so sweet and nice. But to my mistake, I had tried to get over in front of them being very nice about it and remember, they're driving a large semi, the man sped up almost hitting me just so he could prove his point just so he could be difficult. I'm not actually sure why he wouldn't let me in but I had tried a couple times and he made it clear to me if I tried it again my car would see his fender to my bumper... Anyways, I eventually made it over, letting people in front of my trying to be the kind citizen making up for what that old man had done. Made it to the airport and had to drop him off :( still annoyed, I brought my camera to do this photography project because I had to do a project for photography to convey a message. After I said goodbye to George I sat outside waiting for the chance to "convey a message" I found this older couple saying goodbye to each other and I swear I started to cry, they hugged and said their goodbyes but he stood there and watched her walk in there and I swear he stood there and time stood still for him as his wife walked away he looked so sad. So I took pictures of her and him, I'll try to post them if I can. Anyways, I know I'm supposed to post something I did that is nice, but I decided to post something that I saw that was nice... It made me so happy to see someone still caring for someone else.. :)
P.S. music is by far the best mood 'stabilizer' the world has ever made.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pay it Forward 09

Today, I signed up for working at the soup kitchen on April 16th, with my Nephews and my mom. I wanted to show my nephews what it's like to not have food everyday, I want them to be able to talk to people who have experienced the world in all aspects. The majority of homeless people know what it's like to have a good life and everything they needed but then getting it all taken from them, they've seen people from all aspects, they've seen the way people treat them when they look "respectable" and they know what it's like to be treated by most of America looking "homeless." I just wanted my nephews to see what its like to not be as fortunate as them. I also am organizing a bake sale in Birmingham for Haiti, I stole the idea from the Denver, Bake for Haiti. I hadn't seen anything like that here in Birmingham so I figured I'd organize something like that, this is after all the south. We southerners love our comfort food! If its for a good cause even better right...? Anyways, these I feel are my good deeds for the day. I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Pay it Forward 08

Yesterday, I went to barnes and noble and I was reading those 'Post Secret' books, where you write a secret on a post card and send it to them. When I was reading them I got so sad, all those burdens people carry with them constantly, its not enough that had to live through it the first time, now they have to live with it every single day. I wish we weren't so afraid of peoples reaction to tell our secrets. Secrets can really put you in your own kind of jail. If you have a secret that burns inside of you please tell someone, even if its someone you don't know, the fact of saying it out loud to more than just yourself is very relieving. I did this yesterday, I told my boyfriend a secret no one knows..