Saturday, February 20, 2010

pay it forward 10

I haven't written in days mostly because I've been so entirely busy, I had to take George to the airport on Thursday which I have a funny story about, but anyways; I've been busy ever since! So when I was taking George to the airport, there was a sudden jam I think there was an accident a couple miles ahead but I couldn't see it because of all the traffic, anyways; I had to get over 2 lanes to get off the exit and I was talking about this elderly couple I saw in this semi in the lane next to us, I was talking about how cute they looked and how when I got old I'd want to travel with my partner, and you never expect old people to be mean, at least my assumption was that most old people are so sweet and nice. But to my mistake, I had tried to get over in front of them being very nice about it and remember, they're driving a large semi, the man sped up almost hitting me just so he could prove his point just so he could be difficult. I'm not actually sure why he wouldn't let me in but I had tried a couple times and he made it clear to me if I tried it again my car would see his fender to my bumper... Anyways, I eventually made it over, letting people in front of my trying to be the kind citizen making up for what that old man had done. Made it to the airport and had to drop him off :( still annoyed, I brought my camera to do this photography project because I had to do a project for photography to convey a message. After I said goodbye to George I sat outside waiting for the chance to "convey a message" I found this older couple saying goodbye to each other and I swear I started to cry, they hugged and said their goodbyes but he stood there and watched her walk in there and I swear he stood there and time stood still for him as his wife walked away he looked so sad. So I took pictures of her and him, I'll try to post them if I can. Anyways, I know I'm supposed to post something I did that is nice, but I decided to post something that I saw that was nice... It made me so happy to see someone still caring for someone else.. :)
P.S. music is by far the best mood 'stabilizer' the world has ever made.

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