Friday, February 5, 2010

Pay it Forward 05

So today I've done a lot to make sure my mom had a great birthday, I woke up early to make her a delicious breakfast, cleaned the house, made her, her favorite cake and also went and got her pizza for her dinner. I went to the video store to rent some movies for her and this guy bumped into a display on accident and DVDS fell onto the floor, I saw at least 6 people stand there and stare at him while he was picking up the movies I swear I was overcome with anger the fact that this society is so rude they can't even help someone two feet in front of them, I tried to get to him to help him pick them up but I didn't get to him fast enough. I've been dissapointed at least 3 times today by humanity, I'm still optimistilc because I believe deep down everyone has a good soul they just need help bring it out, and most times, people just need that one optimistic person in their life to help them to not be so negative. They need someone to bring them to a new realization that people aren't all bad, life isn't all bad, life is a beautiful thing and I just want people to realize this. I'm a little upset though with the people who are closest to me, they're so very dissapointing mainly because it saddens me so much to see such selfishness, such ignorance in people who are closest to me. I feel like they're in my life for a reason but I also feel like they're bringing my spirit down and I don't want that. The world is an amazing place! So look at it that way!

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