Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pay it forward 07

Today, I've declared forgiveness day. There's Thanksgiving, there's Christmas, there's a holiday for showing someone you love them, even though you should do this everyday. But there is no holiday no one day to show people or to just learn to forgive someone (although this should be an everyday occurrence, but why not make it a holiday, make it a point to relieve that emotional stress and relieve the hate you have.) So today I am forgiving anyone and everyone who has ever hurt me, I want everyone to learn to forgive, not only for the person you're forgiving but mainly for yourself, do something good for yourself. By holding onto anger or past frustrations or just holding onto something because you're too stubborn to forgive or you think you're teaching them a lesson by not forgiving them... Honestly you're not teaching anyone a lesson, you're not doing anything to benefit anyone. Holding onto something and not forgiving can emotional "constipate" your life. (Nice word usage right?) I want anyone who is reading this, to forgive anyone who has ever caused you pain, forgive anyone who you may be upset with, forgive anyone who you may have held on grudge for. There is no point to hold onto grudges, it pollutes your body with negativity and makes it damn near impossible to let anyone in. How can you let someone new and wonderful into a life that is grudge-ridden, a life that is so full of hate you can't fit anyone or anything positive in. I guess I'm just saying, my good thing for today, is making everyone realize the grudges they hold and the people they are still mad at or all the people you are "teaching lessons" to. I want you to realize that life is about forgiveness and loving all. So please let yourself forgive. I have.


  1. Kate. I forgive you. Your right, my life is constipated by grudges and its time for some emotional Ex-Lax. Thank you.