Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pay it forward 01

This is a blog I am making about paying it forward. I see so many people in this generation who are mindless, self centered, ignorant, rude, terrible people. It makes me so sick and it makes me not want to be apart of this world. I want to start changing the world with kindness, fighting people with kindness, changing peoples mind with kindness. Whether it be for animals or people. Either way we all need to show each other we care. I feel that by doing one kind act each day, it will slowly start to change the world. I am hoping for a chain reaction of kindness, you see someone doing something nice, it makes YOU want to do something nice. I just hope it changes peoples mind. Anyways, I ended today with giving a homeless woman a giftcard for the starbucks she was in so she could buy herself a warm drink on a cold night. Had I been living in a different place, my own place, I would have brought her home for a shower and a warm bed. Either way, this is the start of my blog. Each day I will post a blog telling something I did that day that I thought helped benefit the world.


  1. One of my favorite things to do is, when I see people outside, holding those signs (what a horrible and meaningless job), I like to go to the nearest gas station or drug store and get them a huge bottle of water. It never fails to shock the person I'm giving it to. I love the looks on their faces - but it's an AWESOME FEELING!!!! It's like drugs! *two enthusiastic thumbs up*

  2. Kate i really love this idea and I have a feeling it is going to spread like a wildfire

  3. Thank you Nate and Jen! That is so awesome that you give them water! That's a great idea.